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Английский для малышей. Методические указания и ключи. (Скультэ) ЧАСТЬ ВТОРАЯ 1961 год

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Английский для малышей. Методические указания и ключи. (Скультэ) ЧАСТЬ ВТОРАЯ 1961 год 

Назначение:  Для малышей


Авторство: Валентина Ивановна Скультэ

Формат: DjVu, Размер файла: 5.58 MB


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 One day Jim says to Mr. Christine, Lily’s father: 

      «Mr. Christine, we want to go to the lake. The lake is full of fish. We shall catch some fish and then we shall swim a little. May we take Lily with us? 

      The water is warm now.» 

      «And who will go with you?» Mr. Christine asks. 

      «Sam will go and Hugh will go too,» Jim says. 

      «Who is Hugh? I don’t know him,» Mr. Christine says. 

      «Hugh is my new friend. He lives not far from you. He is a good boy and he can swim very well,» Jim answers. 

      «Can you swim too?» Mr. Christine asks. 

      «Of course, I can. I swim well,» Jim says. 

      «If you and Hugh can swim, you may take Lily with you. My Sam has very long legs and the lake is not deep,» Mr. Christine says. He looks at Jim and smiles. 

      Then Jim goes to Lily. She is in her room. She hears Jim’s voice, but she cannot leave her little kitten. The kitten is ill and it is in bed. 

      «May I come in, Lily?» Jim asks. 

      «Yes, yes, come in!» Lily answers in a weak voice. 

      «Oh, Jimmy, look, my kitten is ill!» 

      «Do you want to go to the lake with us, Lily?» Jim asks. He does not look at Lily’s kitten. 

      «I don’t know, I can’t leave my poor kitten. I shall go and ask Father,» Lily says. 

      «Your father says that you may go,» Jim answers. «Oh, but I can’t leave my kitten!» the girl says again. 

      «Then we shall take it too. We shall wash it in the lake. It will be very good for the kitten,» Jimmy says and smiles. 

      «No, I shall leave my poor kitten at home,» Lily says. «You don’t know how to wash kittens.» 

      «Of course, I do. I even know how to wash horses,» the boy says. «I often wash them.» 

      «Oh, Jimmy, you know a lot!» the little girl says. «And can you catch fish?» 

      «Of course, I can,» Jim says. 

      «Will you catch a butterfly for me? And a ladybird! And a little green lizard?» Lily asks. 

      «I will, of course,» Jim says again. 

      (to be continued)

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